The Dutch Disease In the oil and gas sector in Uganda; mitigations under the current legal framework

Alan Baguma 21/12/2018

Oil and Gas

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Land Mark Decision on Expropriated Properties

Vincent Lubang 14/11/2018

Repossession certificates

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Legal Update on Value Added Tax


The Value Added Tax (Designation of Tax Withholding Agents) (Revocation) Notice, 2018

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10 things to know about Insurance in Uganda

Rebecca Nakiranda 25/09/2018

Insurance Law

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Rebundling of the electricity sector in Uganda: The Ghosts of UEB

Alan Baguma 24/09/2018

Electricity Sector

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Alternative Disputes Resolution-Interview with Nicholas Mwasame

Diana Angwech 24/08/2018

Interview with Nicholas Mwasame

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Alternative Approaches to Regulating Financial Institutions

Henry Owen 19/07/2018

Proposals on different approaches to regulating the financial sector

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Loss of or Damage to Baggage: Principles from the Warsaw Convention as applied by Ugandan Courts

Peters Musoke and Paul Kaweesi 23/02/2017

Principles from the Warsaw Convention as applied by Uganda Courts

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Ugandan Courts Recognize Immunities and Privileges granted to International Organizations and their staff

Brigitte Kusiima Sendi 22/02/2017

International Immunities and Privileges

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